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The RGVEZC continues to move towards increasing and enhancing opportunities for the communities in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.  In addition to the initial guiding principles, social development is a new priority of the RGVEZC.  Additional partnerships are also being forged with several organizations in order to merge RGVEZC strengths with those of new cooperating partners.  The RGVEZC strengths are Fiscal, Grant and Contract Management, and Intermediary/funding. 

The futuristic vision of the RGVEZC Board of Directors and partners looks towards many opportunities on the horizon that will enhance the quality of life for the Rio Grande Valley area.  Throughout the 24 year history and beyond, the RGVEZC has been recognized nationally and continues to seek new and innovative options for communities and residents of the Rio Grande Valley.  The comprehensive and transparent fiscal policies, grant management procedures, contract management and evaluation processes are the foundation for the past several years of unqualified audits and successful grant closings.  The track record with local, state and federal funding agencies speaks volumes about the work and reputation of the RGVEZC.  Great things are on the horizon for RGVEZC as the organization moves towards a bright future.


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