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Current RGVEZC Services

The Rio Grande Valley Empowerment Zone Corporation has been involved in and overseen numerous programs and projects in collaboration with diverse partners over the years. Presently, the organization's primary focus is on the following initiatives:

Community Youth Development Logo, which consists of the words Community Youth Development enveloping a Square divided into 4 quadrents, a Green Church Quadrant, a Red Apple Quadrant, a Yellow Judicial Quadrant, and a Blue Social Support Quadrant.

In 1995, the Community Youth Development Program (CYD) was created to reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency in specific Texas ZIP codes determined by the 74th Legislature CYD Interagency Planning Workgroup. ZIP codes were selected based on referrals to juvenile probation, juvenile crime rates and other local factors.

While funding and oversight is provided through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) (, local youth service organizations are selected via competitive procurement in order to administer the CYD Program for their community. Residents, businesses and other interested parties are encouraged to be involved in the development, progress and evaluation of CYD services for their community’s CYD Program.

The CYD Program serves youth between the ages of 6-17, with an emphasis on youth between the ages of 10-17. CYD eligible youth live in and/or attend school in one of 18 targeted ZIP codes.

RGVEZC has collaborated with Community Agencies and developed community partnerships in the 78569 and 78580 zip codes to provide the best possible services to youth and families of the Lyford and Raymondville Communities. 

The Rio Grande Valley Empowerment Zone Corporation "Victims of Crime / Prevention & Restoration Program" was established in 2013 to assist victims of violent crimes in the Rio Grande Valley Region. This is a Southwest Regional program assisting in Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, Starr, Zapata and Jim Hogg. The goal of the RGVEZC-VOC / PR Program is to decrease re-victimization in an effort to achieve victim restoration.

Victims of Crime Logo, which consists of the words "Victims of Crime Prevention & Restoration" in red surrounding a blue heart with a white outline of two interlocked hands on the inside.
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